30 May

A very graceful lady, My English literature teacher in school, once told me that

 “You are going to grow up to be a lady, you should be seen first , not heard first” 

This comment obviously came after one of the many episodes of me squealing and screaming and laughing out loud for no particular reason what-so-ever. 

Now this Woman, is till date, one of the most polished, rightly cultivated and a perfectly groomed lady.

 Me on the other hand, never became like her.

 Don't get me wrong here. I'm as much a lady as one can get with all my choices and style being that of a lady..

 I'm just not 'Lady like'. So much for being heard first.. “Behave like your age”, “grow up” are terms I frequently encounter.

 I've unfortunately been 'tagged' and displayed on social networking sites in Oh-so many , not so pretty pictures where you could almost hear my insane laugh. There's even one with my uvula visible (now what lady opens her mouth so loud to laugh. Fortunately I convinced my acquaintance to remove that picture from the prying eyes of everyone). 

My father has defined my sister and my dances (in public mind you) as “A spectacular array of throwing all 4 limbs in different directions” Which is, by no means, is ideal behavior. 


all this makes me wonder : Who defines what behavior is appropriate for a particular age. 

Why do we grow up. 

Why do we have to grow up when childhood was so much simpler and easier. 

Why do we have to smile and nod when we we are boiling within, 

Why do we stay angry when a smile and sorry can settle all disputes, 

Why do we turn our backs, when a hug could cure broken hearts, 

Why don't we wonder about little things more often.

 Maybe one should try and take time out, 

Smile a little wider

 Laugh a little louder

 Hug a little tighter, 

Bounce a little higher

 Inhale the smell of food a little longer

 Stop and look at the flowers more often,

 break more rules..

 Be childish, Be foolish 

show your tongue, 

buy some balloons,

 make funny noises,

 blow bubbles in your coffee, 

Draw stars on frosted windows

 lick that ice-cream off your fingers,

 sing while you cook, 

dance while you walk, 

make funny faces to the mirror. 

Take chances,

 Don't wait.

 This is the youngest you'll ever be again 

And then you wont need cosmetics to cure those age lines, A good laugh would hide them just fine :) 


 (As for the lovely lady I mentioned earlier, She's still the same young, graceful self and age seems to be awed by her as much as we were. So the age pattern works differently for different people I guess)

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