08 Aug


Noise! People ! Crowd! Dirt!

That's all I see, that's all I hear.

I've been walking around these corridors for the last 2 years, have crossed millions of people humming around almost akin to a free treats distribution.

 I hear screaming, talking, shoving, complaining and all I hear is noise.

I go out on the streets and the busy blaring of the honking of cars, again, Noise!!

Then today I suddenly look out of the same same window that I have been staring at the last couple of years and there it is..

In its full majestic form, The yellow tree.

Calling it gorgeous would be an understatement. Its one of the most beautiful artwork by nature that I have come across lately.

Where was it the last 2 years, why didn't I see it. Why doesn't anyone notice its gloriously twisted arms, swaying away in the breeze, with every single flower in its brightest yellow bloom.

Then I hear the melodious birds singing, dancing with the leaves.

I see the whole road below  covered with the carpet of yellow flowers

And there is no noise anymore,

 I see the crowd no more,

This once, I actually see; 

 A little girl smiling at her mother, 

An old lady's toothless thank you when I helped her down,

 An unshaven, shirtless man eating his small bread with a sense of satiety;

The nodding guard, who wishes me a Good morning everyday,

The Twins running hand in hand.

The little girl collecting the yellow flowers

Its not all crowd and sound and dirt.

 If you really look, maybe u'll see it as well.. its the yellow tree, right where its always been, right where you never appreciated it.

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