Roorkee Ki Sardi

30 Dec

Driving through the dense fog,

 I missed sitting against the fire on the log!

 Paani pe kabhi dhoop kabhi chaoon, 

Wo behti hui dariya, thirakte hue pao. 

The canal is hidden in a white blanket, 

How I wish I was back in my snug basket. 

Sardi ki dhoop, khelti hai luka chuppi, 

Raaton mein jalti hui wo angithi 

The love for winters and winter vacations during childhood, 

All about cosy quilts, fire and Hot parathas, Oh! So good. 

Makki ki roti aur sarson ka saag,

 Haathon ko sekte hue saamne wo aag. 

Now as I give my baby a goodbye kiss 

All soft and cosy in her quilt, her smile I am going to miss 

Subah subah kaam pe jaana takleef deta hai,

 Hum kabhi chai, kabhi coffee ka bahana dhoondte hain. 

‘Tis the season of barbeque and laughter,

 Growing up isn’t so bad thereafter; 

Doston ke saath wo guitar ki dhun, 

Kabhi haath mein scotch, kabhi garam paani mein rum.

 As the year comes to an end, 

Let’s rejoice! we survived 2020 without any major bend;

 Kuch pal, kuch baatien; 

Aur Boht saari yaadein! 

Cheers to 2020!!

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