21 Apr

Oh Covid!!

 The things you made me do! 

My dictionary has changed BC to “Before Covid”; PHEW!! 

Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined myself 

entering a bank, wearing a mask, and asking for money!! 

My bank balance is reducing;

 The only part increasing is my tummy!! 

I’ve cleaned my wardrobes and arranged the outfits as:

 Awake bed, couch wear, sleepwear and ‘Felt like a change of clothes!! 

Initially we cooked Mexican, Italian, Mughlai cuisines, 

Now we simply eat packets of Oats!! 

My washing machine only accepts pyjamas these days. 

I put in a pair of jeans and a message popped up : “ Stay Home !! 

Over the last year, My hands have consumed more alcohol than my liver; 

And I have had very limited use of the Comb!! 

Plan for the next lockdown: 

Learn 3 more cuisines, write a book, get 6 abs and learn a new language;


Binge watched 6 new seasons on Netflix and repeated 12 while eating another pack of noodles and sandwich!! 

Quarantine made me realize why my dog would get so excited when ever someone came through the door.

 I almost barked at the amazon delivery guy below a floor!! 

My Screens are now proud owners of Zoom, google meet, Microsoft teams, cisco webex, tictok; 

I can stay on mute and easily stalk!! 

I’m feeling sorry for the mosquitoes, 

BC (Before Covid) people talked of Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria; 

Now these little fellas are left out of the covid Mania!!

 First time in the history of mankind, 

We can save the world by lying in front of the TV and not doing anything; 

‘Don’t cough on your neighbor’ seems to be the only proceeding!! 

I have started equating Quarantine with a Netflix series!

 Every time you think it’s over, they release a new season!

 How lucky we are to have Covid in 2020 with Wifi and Netflix, 

In 2001, we would be stuck on Nokia playing snake with a treason!! 

ME in 2019 : If only I had a week with nothing to do, nowhere to go, I could finally chill and get my house organized! 

Me in 2020: Nope!! That wasn’t a problem, I’ve Categorized!! 

I’m thinking back on how wild we have been, 

We actually ate a cake when someone blew on it!! 

If you think, it was pretty wicked!! 

'When Covid is over..' is starting to sound like “ When I get Abs…” 

Meanwhile all I got is a screen hangover and a lot of extra Flab!!

DISCLAIMER : A lot of the jokes are inspired and repeated with the sole purpose of making you smile in these tough times :)

However, the above picture could totally be me very soon!!

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