08 Aug


(P.S This Blog was written about 4 years before I had  baby, Never went public then)

So, I'm almost 30, a female, married (no cliched single here), with a job requiring insanely long working hours and without kids yet 'by choice'.

We've been married for 3 years and seem 'almost' perfectly happy. (Hell! is any marriage totally ever happy except in fairy tales), but mines pretty good really.

 We went from being colleagues to friends to dating and marriage without much of a do.

 And over 3 years we've understood each other better, lived, traveled, studied and even learnt cooking together (again being a women doesn't necessarily make me a cook).

That's where one hears the change of most aunties and overtly interested neighbors comments shift from - “oohs” of being a newly wed and pretty couple to the disdain look of “ 3 years and no good news yet, is everything alright??” “Oh 3 years and they are still not settled”

I mean, seriously!!!! We have become high grade professionals, really learnt to live on basics, learnt  cooking that went beyond maggi and tea and you still want more good news.

A distant cousin once said that she did not want to get married because she wasn't the 'domestic types'.

Frankly, that is the most befitting description for me. I'm overly competitive, I'm selfish (my husband's reminded me on multiple, not so great, occasions), an abnormally sore loser and have never really been a care giver. I believe in getting into shorts and spending my day with a good book, a cup of tea and a quite alone time, i love occasional drinks and believe that a Saturday night should never be wasted.

In 30 years of life, I've seen around me friendship, love, hate, heartbreaks, people going through marriages, divorces, parenthood, starting businesses, becoming millionaires, going bankrupt , losing parents, spouses and even children. I've definitely not seen it all, but I have seen a lot. I've had a fairly normal, a beautifully average life that some people like to call lucky.

But in my whole world, how does a baby fit?

Maybe, someday I will have children and love them like the parents I see around me, maybe we will be the typical 'settled' family that the previous generations like to see and will be  'almost' perfectly happy like today. 

As of now, sitting by the window, pondering over and penning down my own thoughts, this, right here, feels just about right.

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