14 Oct

She said” I want that big house, with the view of the skyline, with command control of the lights and mood music”

He said” I want to get away from all hustle and make a cute cottage in the mountains”

She said “lets eat exotic Mexican food today”

He said “lets dive into the humble Rajma Rice”

She said” Lets buy the luxury car and go speeding away”

He said “Let’s get the soft roof off and enjoy the breeze while exploring the roads never taken”

She said “wash those feet, hands and face”

He said “let her enjoy the mud and dirt till she is little”

He said, “I want my daughter to have the best stadiums to play in, best schools to go to, best teachers to learn from,

She said “I just want her to have a happy, no pressure, childhood”

He wanted a gym,

She preferred the yoga mat

He liked the indoor large screen,

She preferred the outdoor green.

She would adopt a cat, a rabbit or even a rat,

He fancied only dogs.

His wardrobe screamed white and blue,

Hers had every color in the rainbow and more.

Sometimes, He agreed, at other occasions, she consented.

Amidst agreeing to disagree, they found calm in each other!

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