02 Sep

One of my favorite people, My grandma,

Read my blogs,

And while she was happy about some, she disagreed about others.

She gave me a lot to ponder over.

Now anyone who has known her, would agree,

She oozes Positive vibrations.

Case in point,

My grandfather fell down recently, had a deep cut on his head and in Covid times, managing stitches at 11 pm, or even thinking of taking a bleeding 90 year old to the hospital is enough to give anyone Goosebumps.

The phase passed, he is doing fine.

The conclusion My grandma had was:

Thankfully he is absolutely alright,

At this age, he could have broken a bone, dislocated a joint or had major internal injuries;

The fall passed in just 4 stitches.

I am still worried, and I’m sure everyone around was; Not everyone can summarize the situation as such.

Another instance, a couple of years back, when my grandparents were travelling to see the Taj Mahal,

If you have visited this area, and experienced a traffic hold up, you are sure to know that the worst traffic jams in the country probably happen here.

Cause for the jam: dancing boys and girls, on a religious parade, leading to a 4-hour Jam.

What was her response: “With a soft smile, ‘Just look at these children, you can almost see a glow on their face, they are singing for the Lord and the smile on their faces is contagious."

I sure do not know a single person who could smile after being stuck in such a long traffic jam in summers.

Now, when she read my blog, she had the following insights to offer :

(This is from the blog-post named “UN-LADY LIKE)

Why do we grow up.

Why do we have to grow up when childhood was so much simpler and easier.

Why do we have to smile and nod when we are boiling within,

Why do we stay angry when a smile and sorry can settle all disputes,

Sometimes, ignoring is better, you can stay childlike at heart, but the surface has to be calm;

Not for the benefit of anyone else, but your own.

Why do you need to boil within??

It means the outside is transforming you, affecting you.

Someone says something, does something, disagrees with you, it perturbs you.

You are boiling inside because of an outside influence, you are disturbed by an external force.

That simply means, you aren't at peace within.

If you make peace, the external influences wouldn't sway you.

Don’t try and get the anger on the surface, instead, try and eliminate the anger.

Reach a stage, where you can forgive and forget and move on.

Children forgive and forget too soon.

They don’t let a small fight linger in their hearts too long.

If we are boiling withing, we are burning ourselves.

If we get the anger to the surface, it wouldn’t help the situation, if we keep it inside, it would harm us, we need to try and reach above all this.

We sometimes need to grow up. We need to cool down:)

Bounce a little higher

Inhale the smell of food a little longer

Stop and look at the flowers more often,

Break more rules..

Be childish,

Be foolish

show your tongue,

buy some balloons, 

make funny noises,

blow bubbles in your coffee,

Draw stars on frosted windows

lick that ice-cream off your fingers,

sing while you cook,

dance while you walk,

make funny faces to the mirror.



"Imagine I start making faces at you

Or start showing my tongue,

You will take me to a doctor to have me checked."

The more rules you break, the tougher it gets.

Yes, you don’t need to get older and become a serious bucket,

None the less, you need to keep in mind where you are,

What is your position.

The blowing of bubbles and the laughter shouldn’t stop,

It should just be appropriate.

If the boss were to make show his tongue to his employee, not many subordinates would get the work done.

Or people at work will not take you seriously,

You can sing while doing a surgery, if it calms you down,

But when in a tough position,

You have to hold up strong.

So yes, Be the child at heart.

But sometimes, you have to be a grown up.

Definitely grow wiser, as you grow older😊

Take chances,

Don't wait.

This is the youngest you'll ever be again

And then you wont need cosmetics to cure those age lines, A good laugh would hide them just

fine :)


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