12 Dec

From the day we met, he was a source of smiles and laughter; 

Who knew he would leave a void after!

 Sometimes, maybe we pushed too hard,

 The lines between innocent fun and ragging were blurred.

 Yet, he stood out in 9th batch as The Shahrukh Khan; 

Sometimes Veer, occasionally My name is Khan, frequently jumping around like Major Ram; 

Seniors loved to make him dance, 

He rejoiced in acting, without a second glance. 

An innocent face, with twinkling eyes, 

Even a simple class, he could dramatize;

 MBBS to MS he has been around, 

Always leaving smiles on the ground. 

We have teased him, Oh so often, 

His zeal for life, no one could soften. 

Memories of this wide-eyed boy will never make you sad, 

All the Antics and innocence he had; 

Even when he met with a scar, 

From accepting sympathy, he was far. 

No teasing or leg pulling ever made him loose his confidence,

 Feeling like a star at heart was his competence. 

Few have the fervor and enthusiasm for life, like he did, 

Arjun, you will truly be missed!

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